Email Market Design: For the "Straight To The Heart Workout" care package. The purpose of this email was to be sent out to parents of college students when Valentines Day was around the corner. 
Email Marketing Design: For the "Campus Backup" membership packages. The purpose of this email was to represent the sale of this product and the monthly payments each membership costs. Also was asked to present the code to enter when buying tthe product.
Email Marketing Design: For the "Cyber Monday" sale announcement . The purpose of this email was to represent the sale of this shopping day and the code to get a discount when ordering products. 
Emoji design: For the new "Health Craze" care package . The company started to make a series of Emoji themed care packages. I was asked to design an emoji that represents health with "#Health Craze" under it. This design was used for the care package. 
pillow design: Every year, the company comes up with new dorm throw pillow designs. I was asked to come up with a pillow that says "Good Morning" on one side and "Good Night" on the other. This design, along with another I created, was selected and is still being sold on the OCM website. 
pillow design: This design was an idea for a reversible sequin pillow that says "I CAN" that changes to "I CAN'T". 
package design: I was given the opportunity to style a package design for Univeristy of Connecticute during their March Madness season. These two designs were the final ones that were choosen for the print.
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